Supporters of the GOING GREEN campaign

We are unashamedly supporters of the GOING GREEN campaign in the air conditioning, and refrigeration industries, which is gaining momentum throughout the world.

Our consultant development chemists, who formulate our product range, are equally dedicated to the GOING GREEN campaign

Our CEO Michael Blow, has been in the chemical business for the past seventeen years. He and his team know, and understand, the needs of the men and women at the coalface. They have consulted with Property Owners, Facilities Managers, Contractors and Technicians throughout the country.

Our Mission: To grow the GOING GREEN campaign, because we believe that every concerned person in the air-con, and refrigeration industries in South Africa agrees with us, that it is the right way to go. We must save water. We must reduce energy demands. Few industries are better placed to make radical changes in how these two resources are used.

But wherever we go the question is always the same - How do we GO GREEN?

O3 listened.

We decided we had to develop an IT programme, which would answer the needs of all the role players in the industry - Property Owners, Facilities Managers, Consultants, Air Condition, and Refrigeration Maintenance Contractors, and their Technicians out in the field.

We consulted one of the country's top IT programmers, and tasked him with developing such a programme. We stipulated that it had to be simple to operate, while, at the same time, giving all concerned a whole raft of information, including creating chemical budgets, removing endless paperwork, monitoring the everyday movements of technicians, cutting transport costs, meeting the O3 criteria of How clean? How effective? How much? All measured, recorded, and evaluated. No thumb-sucking. And above all, helping to improve their bottom line.

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