At the forefront of Going Green in the Air Conditioning Industry

O3 Smart Tech

Designed to help you measure the effectiveness of your coil cleaning contract.

Using Smart Technology and O3 Chemicals

Designed to help you measure the effectiveness of your coil cleaning contract.
Guaranteed to reduce energy and water consumption.
Guaranteed to reduce expenditure.

By introducing smart phone technology into the coil cleaning process, the O3 Going Green program deals in facts:

  • How clean?
  • How effective?
  • How much?

All measured, recorded, and evaluated. No thumb-sucking.

We need the AHU measurements (length and height), as well as the measurements for all the other units. From these we can work out the volume of the AHU in m². This helps us to determine the quantity of O3 chemical needed to clean the unit.

All this is made possible by using available cell phone technology to aid air-con technicians and facility manufacturers to keep track of every unit they service with a detailed Service History.

O3 Data Base

O3 Chemicals has established a data base which over time will contain all service histories of all the air-con units of all the properties using O3 Chemicals.

It will provide Facilities Managers with accurate feedback on the results of the O3 coil cleaning programmes.

The Contractor sends the information to O3 Control either by linking to our website, or e-mailing a spreadsheet with all the data recorded.

Every time a Technician services a unit, he will be able to use his smart phone to scan the tag fitted to the unit, and send the Before and After readings, complete with images, to O3 Central.

Facility managers will not only have a service history of any given unit, but they will have a running cost analysis, at any given moment in time.

Start Cutting Your Energy Costs, Download the Detailed PowerPoint presentation to find out how you can:

Spend R180 000 per month to Save R600,000 per month on your R6,000 000 monthly energy bill. Which is what was achieved at Gateway Shopping Mall in Umhlanga.